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  • Live @ Athens, Greece
    Venue: Fuzz Club, 29/1/2012
  • Live @ Lisbon, Portugal
    Venue: Aula Magna, Alameda da Universidade, 15/2/2012
  • Live @ Santiago de Compostela, Spain
    Venue: Sala Capitol, 16/2/2012
  • Live @ Madrid, Spain
    Venue: Sala Heineken, 18/2/2012
  • Live @ Barcelona, Spain
    Venue: Salamandra 1, 19/2/2012
  • Live @ Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Venue: Effenaar, 25/2/2012
  • Live @ Zurich, Swiss
    Venue: Komplex, 1/3/2012
  • Live @ Milan, Italy
    Venue: Teatro della Luna, 2/3/2012

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20/04/12.Hannibal is a formation and plays Industrial/Rock/Metal. The band started in 2003 and anno 2013 their album “Cyberia” comes out.
It has been quiet around this band for a while, six years of silence and then a new release sees light. … full article Interview

Read full article in German version

2012. Englisch Version

J.P: Hi Hannibal it’s me Julian from is speaking. Thank you that you answer me a few questions about your new album and HANNIBAL itself. For those people who did not know you, can you introduce the band first and show the previous career?

H: Hello Julian, the band is me (Hannibal) on the vocals and rhythm guitar, Hulk on the bass, Herc on the keyboards, Steve Sovo lead guitar and Doctor on the Drums. The band was founded in 2003, released its 1st Lp “This Is U” in 2006, won the 1st Scorpions Festival in 2007 and has great opening acts with THE SCORPIONS, DEF LEPPARD, WHITESNAKE and participated March Metal Day along with NIGHTWISH, NEVERMORE, EDGUY ,ANNIHILATOR, SODOM in 2008.
The band just finished a European tour supporting Tarja (Ex NIGHTWISH).

J.P: The album is now on the market. How are the reactions to it so far?

H: It’s too early to say but the reviews we are getting are great with high rates and the feedback from those who bought it is so encouraging for the future.

J.P: Your new record „Cyberia“ is a conceptrecord. Can you tell us something about the concept and the whole story on this record?

H: A futuristic city where humanity has reached its highest level of technology and progress. All of a sudden everything stops (no power, no light, no heating, no communications… a total chaos) and then humans struggle to find what caused this and if there is any solution. So the story begins after the City’s fall and the lyrics of the album describe the feelings and the efforts of humans to get their life back.

J.P: What are the main differences between the debut record and the new record? Was the first record a concept record too?

H: The first album was more raw and it was close to Nu Metal sound although there were many songs that could fit in this new one. „Cyberia“ is more sophisticated I think!
The 1st album was the diary of a mad man, so you can say it was some kind of a concept one.

J.P: On your new record, you have new bandmembers, is that right? Can you tell us something about the personal changes? Have you got other personal changes in the past?

H: Through the years people come and go. Nine years is a very long period so changes are inevitable. Thank God till now there were no fights or conflicts with the Ex-members. We are still friends with all of them although we had to change “trains”.

J.P: Let us look at the songs of “Cyberia”. For me „“Angelryche”, “Let the rain”, “Sacred Alphabet” and “Rise” are the best songs. Can you tell us something about these songs? Are these also yourfavorite songs on the album?

H: I don’t have any preference for this album cause for me each song has a purpose of existence. These you are pointing are very significant songs. “Angelryche” says about my belief for the origins of humans, “Let the rain” says about our lost chances to get in “Angelryche” , “Sacred Alphabet“ is the Tower of Babel and “Rise” is my belief that we are controlling our destiny although sometimes we have to fight with our demons and to ask for help from our Guardian Angels!

J.P: A question to the label situation. You are under contract by Echozone an established label in Germany. How satisfied are you with your label choice? How did the contact works?

H: Perfect. It’s the first time in my life that I don’t have to worry about promotion, distribution and all these things that a label should do and I am tiring of doing it by myself through all these years. The most important thing is that apart from the professionalism these guys really like to listen to the music in general!

J.P: Hannibal, at Youtube exists a duett video from you with Tarja Turunen (Ex NIGHTWISH). How did this video created, and why? The video is really successfully, for me it seems it is a good promotion for you and your band?

H: A whole team from our label came to Eindhoven. Tarja and her management where great and helpful, so this video became reality! We did this duet twice, once in Portugal and for the second time in Holland. We thought that it would be great for the band’s promotion and especially for me was a great honour to sing along with this artist!

J.P: Are you actually professional musicians, or do you have regular jobs to pay your bills?

H: We are poor professional musicians so we have to work in regular jobs in order to pay the bills hahaha!

J.P: Hannibal what comes next for your band? Is a tour planned? What’s next for yourself?

H: Who knows my friend? Of course we have plans, dreams and expectations but there is such instability in these days worldwide that if you say that we are going to do this in six months maybe we’ll get wrong. As for myself I am going through a lot of changes at this period of my life. I have a family to take care of and it’s very important to me. Sometimes you have to change in order to continue. Sometimes you have to die in order to live. We’ll see!

J.P: Thank you Hannibal for your time, and for the interesting answers! I wish you all the best for the future, the last words, of course are yours.

H: I thank you Julian. I hope these are not my “last words” hahaha but the only thing I want to say is this: Always put priorities in your lives, cause if you don’t, you may lose what it is really important to live for! Review “Cyberia”

2012.Nach sechs Jahren gibt es ein neues Lebenszeichen des griechischen Sängers und Komponisten Hannibal. Bei „Cyberia“ handelt es sich um ein Konzeptalbum, welches Science Fiction Themen behandelt, wo auch das Artwork mit seinem 24-seitigen… full article

My Review “Cyberia”

20/04/12.Bei Hannibal denkt man als Cineast gleich an den intellektuellen Kannibalen aus “Schweigen der Lämmer” oder als Historiker an den berühmten Feldherrn. Der gleichnamige, griechisch-stämmige Sänger und Komponist, mit Wohnsitz in London, dürfte bislang einen weitaus kleineren Bekanntheitsgrad genießen und daran wird sich aus meiner Sicht in absehbarer Zukunft auch nicht viel ändern. Zwar hat der Gute … full article